Jason Harris

Founder & Broker

Jason Harris is an entrepreneur from Toronto. He moved from Canada to the US in the early 90’s to per sue his career in the fashion clothing business. Jason or Jay as he likes to be called, negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales through the country’s top retailers both large and small.  After 14 years later in the clothing business, Jay decided it was time for a change. He took his vast sales knowledge and experience and decided to go into the Real Estate Business. It was always Jay’s intention to enter the industry running, as he wanted to bring new ideas and values to the industry. Now almost 20 years later, we have become a thriving Brokerage Firm respected for the way we do business.  Our Brokerage represents clients throughout the entire state of Florida concentrating in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We are a full service Real Estate Firm who Represents Sellers to sell, Buyers to buy, and tenants and landlords. Our Goals are simple: Be honest, be aggressive on behalf of our clients, do what we say were going to do, and get the job done…..no drama. Our clients are simply the most important thing, so we do all we can to “Open doors to your future”.

jayharris.pa@gmail.com | (954) 549-4543

Real Estate Made Simple